1. Great way to spend rainy days! You are a creative mother and woman! I cook and eat recently a lot of azukibeans, because they are would be good for kidneys, when you need some strength there. This is a great recepy, to eat it differently than at dinner time. Question: do you need the fruitsuger? Could you do without it?
    Take care overthere with the floods!
    The Netherlands

    • No, I changed the recipe a little after I realized that I made a mistake in the quantity. You can use any sugar. You can control the amount. How sweet you want to make is up to you. This is very traditional sweet bread in Japan called An-Pan. Without any sugar, it may be too bland and difficult to form a paste.
      Do you know how to make red bean rice? That is another of my favorite using adzuki beans.

      • Thank you for your explanation about the azuki paste. And No, i don’t know the azikibean rice recepy. I’d love to hear about that. My bean and lentil mixes are usualy kind of indian spiced with all kinds of little bits of veggies in it, like carrots, parsnip, red pepper, union, garlic, etc, or whatever i got in my refridgerator. Always served with bismati rice wholemeal. Often put some cottage cheese on top of the beanmix, some grated cheese and some sesames seeds and grill it a bit. If i have left overs, it makes a good soupbroth the nex day. Ah, preparing a meal and cooking makes me happy and even kind of mindfullness…

  2. Your recipe sounds very very healthy and tasty! I love beans and I would like to try it. My younger son is such a fussy eater, but he eats beans and cheese so this is a good idea.
    Thank you for the good tips. Rice with Adzuki beans is very traditional, often served for celebrations. We use sweet sticky rice (stickier than Sushi rice), but it isn’t too easy to find it in shops here. I will try to improvise a little and come up with the recipe with Sushi rice.

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