Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I get the patterns for the projects if I don’t see them at Ravelry shop?

You might like some of the projects you have seen in my photos but cannot find the patterns online. That is because

* I am still working on the pattern. or

* I need to reserve it for the future publication of books and magazines. or

* I need to receive an approval from a third party for the licencing.

Eventually, you will see the pattern published, so please be patient. I am doing my best.

I like your designs but I don’t knit. Can you make one for me?

I have some ready made items on sale and you can get them through my Etsy shop.

Sometimes I do make items for Etsy customers, but usually, I am busy designing and writing patterns. That is my passion. I hope you will understand if I need to turn down your requests.

I am not sure if my skills are up for your patterns. Are they difficult?

Most of my patterns are simple and require basic knitting skills of knit and purl. Items are knitted flat with a pair of knitting needles and sewn together at the end. You would not have problems knitting pieces if you know the basics.

Some of the designs are rather small and you may need to practice sewing up skills. Try some of my free patterns first if you are concerned. You are more than welcomed to contact me if you are stuck with problems while you are using my patterns.

I heard that you are working on your books. When are they coming out?

The first book “Mini knitted safari” will be out this summer, the second one”Mini knitted woodland” will be out the end of this year or early next year.

I will be also working on a book “Mini knitted toys”. I haven’t quite decided what will go into that book yet, but I am thinking  of a mixture of small, quick and easy knits and a bit of larger projects.

They will be all published from Search Press