Felt balls


Felt balls

If you get used to the felting needle a little by making pictures, you can move on to 3-D project.
felt ball 0

You need;

  • coloured wool fleece for needle felting
  • a Coloured string and a little bell
  • felting needle
  • mat



    Step 1. You roll the fleece to make it into a small ball. Pinch the edge or the fleece and start rolling.
    Hold the small ball with left hand fingers and hold the fleece on the right. Pull down the fleece on the right hand and roll the ball, wrapping with thin new layer of the fleece.

    Step 2 Stab with needle. Remember to stab vertically to the mat. After a few stabbing, the fleece felts.

    Step 3. Add thin stripes on the ball. Tear small amount of fleece, stretch it around the ball and stab with a needle. Add as many stripes as you would like.

    Step 4. Add a string and a little bell if desired.


    Here is the step-by-step photo. Please follow from the top left to right.

    felt ball collage